What is Victorian regulation on sex work?

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November 25, 2019
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January 8, 2020

What is Victorian regulation on sex work?

As a legal and licensed brothel in Heidelberg, Victoria, Heidelberg Angel abides to the Sex Work Act 1994 by the Victorian Government to protect our girls and ensure their rights while offering our customers great gentleman fun.

The crucial rules that we live by include:

Sex Work Act 1994

Section 16

“A person must not in or near a public place with the intention of intimidating, insulting or harassing a sex worker – (a) behave in an indecent, offensive or insulting manner; or (b) use threating, abusive or insulting words.”Heidelberg Angel does not tolerate all forms of disrespect to our ladies. We kindly ask all our customers to respect our angels for them to offer continuing service to you.

Section 18A

“(1) A person must not provide or receive sex work services unless he or she has taken all reasonable steps to ensure a condom or other appropriate barrier is used if that sex work involves vaginal, anal, or oral penetration or another activity with a similar or greater risk of acquiring or transmitting sexually transmissible infections. (2) A person who provides or receives sex work services must take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of acquiring or transmitting sexually transmissible infections while providing or receiving those services.”

Therefore, Heidelberg Angel requires the use of condoms in order to protect our customers and girls from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. If symptoms of STD are observed at any stage, Heidelberg Angel reserve the right to terminate any service.

Section 19

“(1) A person who – (a) is a sex work service provider; or (b) manages a brothel or an escort agency or any other business that provides sex work services – must not permit a sex worker to work (whether under a contract of service or a contract for services) in a brothel or for the escort agency or other business during any period in which he or she knows that the sex worker is infected with a sexually transmissible infection.”

Heidelberg Angel takes infection control seriously to protect all our customers for safer sex work. And you can trust our dedication in maintaining such high standard.

We will investigate results of blood tests and swab tests to ensure our girls are not infected by sexually transmitted disease before allowing them to work with us.

Our dedication

Heidelberg Angel take not only the written legislation seriously but also our customer service. If you have found any possible offences, we kindly ask you to report to us in order to prevent any similar event to occur again.

Even with new girls coming to Heidelberg Angel every other day, we take great care to ensure our service to all gents.

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