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Heidelberg Angels is among one of the finest legal licensed brothel in Melbourne. Located at 2 Vernon Avenue, Heidelberg West, we’ve been offering our fine patrons an assortment of pleasure to satisfy their urges. Providing you pleasure-filled evenings with the sexiest girls, experiences that’ll leave you craving more, and all in a safe and comforting environment, it’s easy to see why Heidelberg holds such a prestigious name.
Our hot girls have a wealth of experience in bringing the light of desire to your lust, igniting it into a night full of intense passion and satisfaction. Let us sink you into an evening that you won’t soon forget, forgetting outside troubles and instead spending time in a sea of carnal bliss! Once you’ve tasted the sweet satisfaction that we’re able to offer, you’ll understand why so many flock to us as the best Asian brothel in Melbourne for the same reason.

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Current Schedule in February 2023

  • Amy

    25 years old 🇻🇳 Viet Nam

    A beautiful and attentive Taiwanese-Japanese mixed girl provides excellent service with a striking appearance and amazing size. Mixing of heritage has gifted her with a unique and attractive look.


    22 years old 🇹🇼 Taiwan

    Curvy, sensual and erotically charged, with cute, Busty breasts and smooth curves and soft skin.


    27 years old 🇰🇷 South Korea

    A tall and gorgeous Korean girl with striking features and a popular D-cup figure.


    23 years old 🇭🇰 Hong Kong

    A refined facial structure, with a high nose and bright eyes, also has a gracious demeanor and is warm and friendly to others.

  • Michelle

    22 years old 🇲🇳 Mongolia

    With a petite stature and a flawless countenance, one simply cannot forget the exceptional service.


    25 years old 🇻🇳 Viet Nam

    A petite and endearing Vietnamese student with a vibrant personality.


    21 years old 🇹🇭 Thailand

    A petite and slender Thai student with a beautiful and captivating appearance.


    24 years old 🇬🇷 Greece

    Diana is an enchanting Australian-Greek mixed-race young lady, whose gentle nature is always accompanied by a captivating smile.

  • Chabba

    23 years old 🇹🇭 Thailand

    Chabba is a vivacious Thai young lady who will leave a lasting impression on you that you simply cannot forget.


    22 years old 🇲🇳 Mongolia

    With a petite stature and a flawless countenance, one simply cannot forget the exceptional service.


    24 years old 🇱🇦 Lao People's Democratic Republic

    A lithe and energetic Laotian student with a fit physique.


    21 years old 🇹🇭 Thailand

    A delicate and pretty young Thai student with a petite figure.

  • Zina

    24 years old 🇮🇳 India

    She has a perfect size 6-8 and nice tan skin that will leave a lasting impression on anyone.


    24 years old 🇦🇺 Australia

    The name matches her appearance, Australian/European mix sexy pretty

Our Rate

Monday to Sunday 7 Days from 10AM to Latenight

In Heidelberg Angel, rest assured that our full service prices encompass room rental and service charges, with customer satisfaction always being our paramount goal.

Full Services Price / Room / Girl
20 Mins $110 / $40 / $70
30 Mins $130 / $45 / $85
45 Mins $180 / $70 / $110
60 Mins $230 / $85 / $145

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Is Heidelberg Angel brothel legal?
Heidelberg Angel is registered under the Sex Work Act 1994 of Victoria with full abidance to the laws and regulation in the Act.
What girls are at Heidelberg Angel Asian brothel?
As one of the leading Asian Brothels in Melbourne, Heidelberg Angel has a wide range of Girls every day.

Our girls are from China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. All very lovely and sexy.
Can I contact Heidelberg Angel Adult Entertainment Club?
You can always Contact Heidelberg Angel brothel at our trading hours.

You can call us on 03 9457 5999.

You can also contact us on Line with ID: heidelbergangel.
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With prestige in mind, Heidelberg Angel has been providing these mind-blowing evenings for many years now, and we have the long list of satisfied patrons to prove our place as the gold-standard of the best asian Brothel in Melbourne . When it comes to tasting the subtle pleasures of spending a night with a beautiful Asian girls, we’ve easily become the best adult entertainment in Melbourne to satisfy your fantasies with.

We’ve been priding ourselves in being considered not just the best red-light district in Heidelberg , but one of the most attractive in all of Melbourne! We’ve done this by not settling for any standards that fall short of perfect, giving you the most amazing experiences we possibly can! Our girls are eager to find every opportunity to bring your deepest lustful thoughts to life, melting into a night of pure fantasy that’ll leave you speechless! As a small glimpse into the services we offer, you can ask for Strip Shows, Oil Massages, Threesomes, Uniforms, Toys to play with, and naturally, longer sessions to ensure you’re left satisfied.

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Your tastes and preferences are our goals to satisfy, so rest assured that we’re here to cater specifically to you, no matter what you may crave. Being one of the best escort agency in Melbourne, we’re able to offer you a beautiful line of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Malaysian, Burmese, and even Taiwanese women! Simply let us know what’s been swimming around in your mind and we’ll be here to satisfy you.
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Heidelberg Angel offers a wide range of services, These services are designed to help clients relax and unwind, and to provide them with the ultimate sensual experience. The Heidelberg‘s services are designed to be both intimate and professional, and the company is dedicated to providing its clients with a memorable experience that they will never forget.

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Heidelberg Angel brothel offering a unique and pleasurable experience to its customers. But what makes Heidelberg Angel melbourne adult entertainment stand out from the rest? This will break down all the reasons why Heidelberg Angel is different from other brothels in Melbourne. From its selection of premium service to its knowledgeable girls, Heidelberg Angel offers customers an unparalleled experience when it comes to this red-light district.